Hello Mom and Dad !

Since 2017 Best Present is on the market as a small company, with a young and dynamic team, that decided to work every day side by side to design beautiful wooden toys. 
Why Wooden Toys?

Wooden Toys are Toys that Last a Lifetime and rather than breaking; they get more charming with the time being passed down through generations. We choose wooden toys because they are environmentally friendly and are offering some essential advantages:
  • Sustainability: our wooden toys are made from sustainable and renewable trees that encourage reforestation and are less impactful on the environment than the plastic ones as it has a less natural resource cost    
  • Durability: our wooden toys are well-made of natural material and are longer lasting, being hard to be damaged               
  • Health Benefits: our wooden toys are made of natural material and free of toxins, comparing to the plastic ones that are full of chemicals and harmful to the environment 
  • Safety: as your child will play with the toy; you don’t have to worry much about their safety because wooden toys are designed to be Safe. They don’t break easily, and your children aren’t exposed to sharp edges or small pieces that have broken off the toy                                  
  • Expand a child’s learning experience: your child’s mind will be engaged as without fancy voice, sound and lighting effects, it is your child that will have to develop his imagination to direct the play
Also, our wooden toys are timeless and beautiful, and as they come with their aesthetic appeal they will nicely blend into your home décor!
Our Mission

We strive to develop ourselves with the same honesty and integrity we use to create our wooden toys. Through our workshop “Paint a Toy and Plant a Tree” we aim to promote ecological production and to raise awareness of how important it is to avoid toxic products for our health and the environment.  Our friendly and professional co-workers will help to inspire, educate and entertain our children. For more details about our workshop, please visit the page “Workshop and Activities”.
Together we wish to help to develop our children creativity and teach them how important it is to care for our environment! 
Thank you for supporting us!
Make play time a blast with our finest toys!