Wooden Troll Trailer

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Wooden Troll Trailer

This wooden troll trailer is a special toy for all children due to its naturalness, being as well an ideal way to develop the eye-hand coordination, their imagination and creativity. A guaranteed entertainment!

Wooden Troll Trailer size:

  • 32mm width
  • 50mm height
  • 160mm length

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Wooden Troll Trailer
  • Hand-made manufactured wooden toy, small size and simple design
  • To be painted in your wanted colour it needs 2 hours.
  • It is made 100% from beech and linden wood.
  • It has rotating wheels.
  • Artistic finishes.
  • Can be painted in various colours or if you prefer it unpainted in its natural wooden colour.
 The material used to fabricate the toy:
  • The body and the chassis are made from untreated linden wood.
  • The hook and the wheel pivot are from untreated beech wood.
It is worth mentioning:
  • The painting: all the toys are made with non-toxic paint for children, eco-friendly varnishes witch respects the EN-73-1 standard.
  • The Best Personalised Present: you can choose the colour and write a message/name on your own toy.
  • Stock availability: if the toy must be personalised and painted you need to make a special order; but a natural wooden colour toy can be shipped immediately.
  • Age suitability: 3+


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